Some people think I'm English mania but not true. 
When I talk to English speaking people, I want to talk in English. 
That's all. When I talk to Chinese people, I want to talk in Chinese as much as I can. 
I hope people in the world also feel the same to the other language including Japanese. 
I'm happy when I'm asked the way to somewhere in Japanese. 
I tell the way in Japanese and only when my Japanese is not understood, I use English. 

When I bought German Car Porsche 911, I thought of studying Germany but I didn't. 
Same thing happened when I bought Italian Car Alfa Romeo 147. 
And even when I bought Japanese car named RX-7, My Japanese didn't progress at all. 
Now I bought French Peugeot 206CC, It's very time to study French again. 
I used to study French at University at the age of 18 and could speak and write it to some extent. 
But it's already been so many years since then and of course I've forgotten too much. 
I'll start studying again almost from the beginning.

The reason is not that I want to go to France but I just like to study Foreign language. 
Same as I love Real Estate. I have no idea about how to utilize the skill. Just hobby. 
But isn't it happy to learn the language of the